Performance Appraisal Management System ?

There exists a Performance Appraisal Management System in every department based on which every employee’s present and past performance is evaluated to determine his/her suitability for promotion and grant of other merit based incentives. There are normally 3 levels of reporting but it is the final remarks of the Reviewing Authority that matter the most. Sometimes these remarks are so ambiguous and, at times, funny also that it becomes very difficult for the top level management to arrive at a decision. During my long service I came across such remarks some of which I remember even today. I am sharing such beautiful and funny remarks here with my friends. Read on…

• “She hardly works.”
• “He has a photographic memory but, at times, forgets to remove lens cover”.
• “He is an excellent raw material”.
• “He sets low standards and then always fails to achieve them”.
• “He will go far. The sooner he moves out, the better it would be”.
• “If grey matter is taxable, she would be a good case for refund”.
• “She works reasonably well under watchful supervision”.
• “She is good in all respects”.
• “He is very good in moving in the rut”.
• “He can be used only as a spare wheel”.
• “His performance is average of excellence”.
• “More often than not his performance returns with an error message. Continue any way”.
• “A good worker but his rating has gone down. Needs to be pumped in”.
• “She is a leader who fails to keep her flock together”.
• “A case of over inflated ego. Needs hard hitting”.
• “He writes lucid but hollow notes”.
• “She is very polished and possesses impeccable manners only in dealing with her Superiors but fails with her co-workers”.

I will share more such remarks later…


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