Rajesh Khanna- end of an era…

कभी यूँहीं जब हुयी बोझल साँसें
भर आई बैठे बैठ जब युहीं आँखें
तभी मचल के प्यार से चल के छुए कोई मुझे पर नज़र न आये नज़र न आये …

I saw “Anand” almost 40 years ago but still remember the touching song beautifully rendered by Rajesh Khanna on Silver Screen…where he is standing in his balcony and looking at the setting sun and a bullock cart going down the road, he breaks into this song with intense pensiveness…What a wonderful film it was? I saw almost all his films. Today he is not among us but his charisma  will  always linger in our memories…

RIP Super Star “Rajesh Khanna”…

we will miss you…


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