Austin -Austin…

The office was closed for three days. But all of us kept thinking about the antique Austin. So when we reached office, the first thing we were interested in was to know as to whether our Boss took the car out for a ride. We were told that 2-3 mechanics came but in vain. Even the handle could not ignite its engine. This, we thought, would have left the Boss quite tensed and how true the guess was? Immediately after he entered the hall, he started asking for some information or the other and almost took everyone to task. The frustration was writ large on his face. By lunch time things, however, cooled down. The reason for this sudden drop in his temper was known later. Some of us were asked to push the car while Boss was on the steering. As there was no choice, three of us pushed the car hard for about half a kilometre but the car did not start. We were told to call every body else from the office as according to the Boss enough pressure was not being applied to push the car. So the remaining persons were called and almost all the seven of us pushed the car, this time about 1 kilometre but the effort once again proved futile. Another half a kilometre but in vain. Since the car did not take any jerk during this dry run, I with all my courage enquired from the Boss whether he put the car in gear by pressing and releasing the clutch gradually, he was very annoyed. As I had once started the scooter with this method, I told my Boss that unless the moving wheels did not engage the engine while the car was being pushed it won’t start. Somehow that clicked and the Boss engaged the car in 2nd gear and pressed the clutch to be released slowly later. We were already sweating under the June Sun but once again pushed the car like “Jor Lagake Haia” and lo… the car suddenly took a jerk and the engine roared with lot of smoke from the silencer and the car ran with speed. Minutes later when the smoke cleared leaving us wiping our faces, we saw the car running on the footpath with two of its wheel on the road. Obviously, Boss could not control the car as it crashed against a tree and stopped. He came out and all of us ran towards him only to be rebuked. He was very furious as he told me that I had misguided him. I said “Sir the method was right otherwise the car would not have started, the only thing you forgot was to release the accelerator and push the clutch after the car moved under its own propulsion”. He realised it and I thanked myself that my experience to push start the scooter had saved my day. After that we went up to the car only to find that except that a head light had come out from its shell, not much damaged was caused to the car. Somehow, we managed to pull it out from its temporary parking and again pushed it to the office, this time Boss did not take a risk to get it started with that method. By the time we reached the office, it was 6.30 pm. All of us left discussing the day’s happenings and thanked God who had saved us from facing the music.

There are many interesting episode involving this car. Just wait a while for the next post…


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