Culture & Agriculture…

We used to organise short-term Workshops, Seminars and In-service Training Programmes during autumn and winter breaks in our schools. The faculty drawn for the purpose used to be from reputed educational institutions located nearby as well as from our own experienced Officers & teaching Staff. During one such Workshop, that I also attended, a Senior Officer was trying to explain the difference between the Cultures of East and West by literally mentioning the difference between the food habits and the dressing sense of the people of East & West. He went on to explain ” we eat Dal Roti so we are Indians and people in west eat Bread & Butter so they are British. Here men wear Pajama Kurta – Dhoti-Kurta & women wear Saree so we are Indians and in the west men wear Suit and Tie and ladies wear Skirts so they are British.” This did not go down well with the Participants as one of them rose to speak. He asked “Sir these days we also wear Suit & Tie and our Ladies also wear western outfits. Are we British? We also eat Bread & Butter, Hot Dog & Burgers etc. Are we British.” Other participants also joined him and started asking more or less similar clarifications. The Officer concerned had no satisfactory explanation to these queries as he began to fumble. Participants also understood that Officer had come to deliver lecture on the topic unprepared and without doing his home work. So they started pressurizing him for explanation. Resultantly, there was a total chaos in the class. As the pandemonium broke, the Officer abruptly left the class saying ” you people will never understand the difference between Culture & Agriculture. ” The class burst ed into a loud laughter and we discussed this incident till many days after that and still remember and laugh at it whenever old friends meet.


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