Year 1973. Third Pay Commission report was out. Everybody, almost everybody, was keen to know the Scales of Pay and the benefits that would accrue. All the discussion in the office centered around the 3rd Pay Commission. After a few days a copy of the report was received in the office. As usual, the report was first seen by the Zonal Officer, then by the supervisor and finally it came to us. All of us were very excited. Whenever a Principal ( s ) or any Teacher ( s ) visited the office, the Zonal Officer used to press the buzzer and one or the other official invariably rushed to his chamber with the Report. Days passed by like this discussing Scales. One day the Zonal Officer called one official by name and asked him to bring ” Scale”, the official, as usual, rushed to the chamber of the boss and after quietly placing the folder, containing report and Scales recommended therein, on his table turned to move. The Zonal Officer shouted at him saying that he wanted a “SCALE” (to draw a line) and not the Scales( of pay ). The official was shocked and then after a brief pause suddenly laughed that made the Zonal Officer as well as all of us laughed at the incident. This happens sometimes when we are constantly in one particular frame of mind thinking all the time about the same thing. 38 years later, I still laugh whenever I remember that incident…


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