“जब कश्ती साबित -ओ- सालिम थी
साहिल की तमन्ना किसको थी ?
अब ऐसी शिकस्ता कश्ती में
साहिल की तमन्ना कौन करे ?”

“Filmdom’s most captivating star, around whom a thousand fantasies were spun, remained sadly bereft of her own personal happiness…

Her name was already synonymous with grace and loveliness, By the time she died, it had become synonymous with pain and misfortune.

[From ” I want to Live” -The story of Madhubala-
by Khatija Akbar.]

Finished reading the book before I went to sleep past midnight
yesterday and the hangover still remains of the most beautiful
lady of Silver Screen who saw all the shades of life -mostly sufferings
and pain- before she died young at the age of 36.

What a tragedy…

Madhubala’s screen journey through her beautiful songs.


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